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Join our hosts Benni and Michelle as they journey outside their comfort zones and push their physical and mental limits to bring us a while new perspective on Africa… one in which people from all walks of life are taking up new challenges, engaging with the environment, trying out extreme sports, getting fit and healthy and seriously enjoying the adventure that is Xtreme Outdoors Africa.
If you think you’d enjoy kite surfing on tropical beaches, hanging out with skateboarders in inner city Johannesburg, sky-diving on Kenya’s coast or hitting Uganda’s motocross courses on a dirt bike, this show is all you need to find out the how’s and the where’s, as Africa starts to play.

What We Are About

Extreme motors sports of all kinds, Cape to Cairo.

It doesn’t matter how dusty, dirty or muddy, XOA crews are doing their best to capture the action as the fast and the furious s of Africa’s Xtreme Outdoors community do their thing.

What to Expect

Letting go... aerial activities of all kinds.

It doesn’t matter how remote, if there’s an extreme activity taking place in Africa - by land, sea or air - XOA will be sure to cover it (and come back with the inside story!).

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